maui entertainers 2020 new year

Happy New Year

Phew! The holidays are over. December is our busiest month. We do SO many awesome events. Doing all these holiday events is such a great time, and we are very blessed to be so busy, but it can be a LOT. This year, I told myself I was not going to let it stress me out, and that I was going to enjoy it…

cirque jolie dand son

Parenting and Business Reflections

My son is 17 years old! Sheesh! How did that happen? I have been reflecting on how much easier it has gotten for me to put time and energy in to my business now that my son is at an age where he does not need me as much. I have more energy to put in to my entertaining, and more energy to share with all of you!

maui baby luau

Baby Luaus

The Baby Luau in Hawaii often features a HUGE party when a child turns one, with 200-400 people, entertainment, food, and activities for the kids. It brings friends and family together, with people flying in, almost like a family reunion. The baby luau gives the family and community a chance to bless and pray for their newest members.