cirque jolie dand son

Parenting and Business Reflections

My son is 17 years old! Sheesh! How did that happen? I have been reflecting on how much easier it has gotten for me to put time and energy in to my business now that my son is at an age where he does not need me as much. It’s really great! It is hard to be a parent (especially a single parent, which I was for the first 13 years of my son’s life) and run a business. I know some of you are doing a great job at it, and I commend you, but for me, it was really hard. That’s why there are all these things I am just now doing after so many years, like getting a promo video or writing this blog. I am not planning to have another child. Cirque Jolie is my baby now and I am excited to see it grow and thrive now that I have the time and energy to nurture it. Also, with my son growing up, and not having another child to care for, I have even more energy to put in to my entertaining, and more energy to share with all of you. My fiance, Brenton Keith, and I also have plans to continue to collaborate and grow our businesses together. I’m really eager to see where it all leads now that this new chapter in my life is beginning. Stay tuned!

Brenton Keith and Cirque Jolie